Tests Show HP DesignJet UV Inks Last More Than 100 Years

Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. Tests HP DesignJet CP Series Prints with HP Pigmented UV Inks

Palo Alto, California. Feb. 18, 1999


Hewlett-Packard Company today announced that prints made on HP DesignJet CP Series large-format printers using HP DesignJet CP Ink Systems UV have an expected indoor display life of more than 100 years before noticeable fading occurs, according to independent research company Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc.

This HP-commissioned report is significant for digital-photography and fine-art industry customers such as professional photographers and museums, which require prints that demonstrate longevity and fade-resistance.

"Fine-art prints made with HP's pigment-based inks have achieved a level of permanence that has long been sought in the demanding fine-art market," said Henry Wilhlem, director of research for Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. "Limited-edition prints can be valuable works of art, and both galleries and their customers expect the prints to remain in pristine condition after many years of display in often brightly illuminated environments."

Testing Methodology

Wilhelm Imaging Research made prints using an HP DesignJet 2500CP printer and high-stability, pigmented-based UV inks, and determined that the prints can be displayed for more than 100 years before noticeable fading occurs. The results are calculated using procedures developed by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. and are based on indoor conditions in which the prints are framed under glass and exposed for 12 hours per day under 450 lux illumination.

HP DesignJet CP Ink Systems UV were tested by printing images on HP Heavyweight Coated Paper, Arches Hot Press 100 percent cotton watercolor paper, Legion Waterford DI 100 percent cotton inkjet watercolor paper and Dr. Graphix Pure White Canvas. Wilhlem Imaging Research, Inc. expects to expand testing to a wider variety of media.

"HP strives for premium customer satisfaction, and it is gratifying to know that our printing system can produce prints that outlast a lifetime," said Bernard Meric, general manager of HP's Barcelona Division, which designs and manufactures HP DesignJet printers. "HP is confident, as testing continues, that our printing system will surpass the current results, and HP's customers will be very pleased with the longevity of prints made with HP's UV ink system."

HP Dye-based Inks

Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. also tested HP's dye-based inks for the HP DesignJet CP Series printers. When used with HP High-Gloss Photo Paper these inks are predicted to have 6.2 years of display before noticeable fading and/or color shifts occur with glass-filtered illumination at 450 lux for 12 hours a day. HP Heavyweight Coated Paper is predicted at 4.9 years; Arches Watercolor paper is predicted at 6.6 years; and Legion Waterford DI is predicted at 6.4 years.

HP DesignJet CP Ink Systems UV

HP DesignJet CP Ink Systems UV, which are pigment-based, also provide enhanced durability for images exposed to direct sunlight, such as window signage, outdoor signs printed on weatherfast media or outdoor signs that are made weatherfast with laminants.

HP DesignJet CP Series large-format printers feature HP's large-capacity ink systems for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are designed specifically for graphics applications and offer photo-realistic image quality.

More information on Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc., its testing methodology and the results of HP DesignJet CP Ink Systems UV testing is available at http://www.wilhelm-research.com/.

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